Daan Sprenkels dsprenkels
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Ansible configuration for jati server

Updated 2 days ago

A updating web page showing the Ragweek donations on the first Beestfeest in 2017

Updated 3 weeks ago

dsprenkels.com blog

Updated 1 month ago

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ansible configuration for personalising my remote shells

Updated 2 months ago

The configuration of my personal mail server

Updated 2 months ago

My custom apparmor profiles

Updated 4 months ago

divide kids in different workshops based on their preferences

Updated 6 months ago

An experiment with using TLS client cerfiticate extensions as a custom authentication mechanism

Updated 7 months ago

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terminal client for https://github.com/marietje/marietje

Updated 10 months ago

script for automatically registering for Radboud University sport centre courses; (!!) repo may be moved to Github if this project ever gets mature

Updated 1 year ago